Every meal.

Truly tailored.

Ingredifind brings you a new way to dine, bringing confidence to the table. Experience the power of choice and safety when looking for a restaurant or when you are already there.

Express yourself beyond common allergens or diets. Discover a world of dining tailored just for you.

Know before you go.

Find restaurants

right for you

Find restaurants

right for you

Find restaurants

right for you

Dive deep

Over 1700 ways to personalise your dining experience.

Your food fingerprint

Create your food profile


Choose from the top allergen groups with just a touch. Add them to your profile to identify them in restaurant menus.


Easily filter for Vegan, Vegetarian, or Pescatarian options. Discover meals that align with your lifestyle, effortlessly.


Make these ingredients a priority in every meal. Choose the ingredients you want recommended and we'll look for them in dishes.


Choose ingredients you want to avoid, for health, nutrition, or taste, discover dishes that meet your needs.

Reviewed and Unreviewed

Menu scanning

Our seal of approval

Dine with the confidence of expertise. Our reviewed menus has information provided directly from the restaurant and reviewed by our team, giving you a reliable guide to safe and enjoyable eating experiences.

Explorers menu guide

Venture into new dining territories with unreviewed menus. While these selections are waiting to meet our requirements, we encourage you to dine with discretion and consult with restaurant staff regarding your dietary needs.

Discover new favourites.

Explore. Enjoy. Repeat.



And so much more

Scan and Discover

Scan an Ingredifind QR code at participating restaurants to automatically filter their menu according to your profile preferences.

Digital Allergy Card

Your food allergy information is now digitalized. Present your personalized allergy card at any restaurant for a safe dining experience.

Calorie Count

Keep track of calories for dishes with an optional feature that can be toggled on or off, giving you control over your dietary information.1

Cross Contamination Alert

Activate the cross-contamination feature to be alerted about potential risks in food preparation, ensuring peace of mind with every bite.2

Find Nearby Flavours

Find Nearby Flavors. Discover restaurants close to you with our upcoming geolocation feature. Effortlessly find places that cater to your dietary needs.

Coming early 2024


Download today.

Eat with confidence


Download today.

Eat with confidence


Download today.

Eat with confidence